For the night owls

To our night owls who want a comforting beverage that won’t mess with their Zzz’s, grain-tea is your dream come true—literally. It's caffeine-free, so you can sip it before bed without the insomnia jitters. And if you love the ritualistic brewing of coffee, well, this brew brings its own charm. It’s just as satisfying to make; the only thing missing will be the guilt of a late-night caffeine spree.

Did we mention it's gluten-free? So, if you or someone you know is dodging gluten like it’s a string of bad exes, this tea is a safe harbor.

Look, I’m not saying it’s time to dump your French Press or ghost your Espresso Machine. But isn't life too short to be monogamous with just one type of brew? Start a little love triangle with Kernel and let grain-based tea join the ranks. You'll add some much-needed intrigue to your drink lineup, diversify your palette, and give your health a boost while you're at it.